Octavius Fitzroger

b 1735
Tall, blond, lithe,

Father Hugh Fitzroger, 2nd Viscount Leyden, 1685-1755
Mother Marianne Dovey 1696 -
10 children but of the first 4, 3 died, so she spoiled the one -- Hugh.

sister Sally, lackwit, brother Hugh, sister Libellla (Libby), small and slight, blond,

At 15 had affair with his brother's wife, Orinda.
In subsequent fight, his brother received a head wound and became subject to rages.

Orinda threw herself down the stairs and died. Official story.

Sent into army.
1758 taken out of active service to be aide, but was in fact a skilled bodyguard.
Later becomes friend and then bodyguard to Ash, Marquess of Ashart.
At the end of A Most Unsuitable Man he's made a Gentleman of the Privy Chamber.

marries Damaris Myddleton
Ash sells them Coldmoor House on the edge of the Cheynings estate. They rename it Carrisford House.
Fitz plans to enter the House of Commons. but in April 1765 his brother dies and he becomes Viscount Leyden.
December 1764, son, Charles.

Hero of A Most Unsuitable Man