Minor transient characters

Mr. Prestonly, fat sugar trader from the West Indies
Appears in Tempting Fortune at Mirabelle's

Curry, a bullying duelist killed by Rothgar in Devilish
Friend of Sir Charnley Vance, A Scandalous Countess

Lady Tresham, Bella, a gossip (A Most Unsuitable Man.)
Mistress Susannah Fayne, a gossip ditto
Both past thirty.

Tattling Tess, Brokesby's sister, appears in Winter Fire

Lord Duncourt, friend of Robin in A Lady's Secret, place near Leatherhead.

Earl of Waveney, admirer of Lady Maybury in A Scandalous Countess b 1730
June 1765 recently married to jealous wife, aged c 25.

Lord Kellew, second at Maybury duel
Sir Harry Shaldon, present at Maybury duel

Lady Lowestoft fled after scandal in April 1764 -- mentioned in A Scandalous Countess.

Henrietta Wrothley, burned, mentioned in ASC.

Lord Everton, widower in ASC
Uxthorn, widower, wife bore 5 children in 8 years.

Mrs. Maria Wayworth, friend of Lizzie Torismonde, interested in glass houses and tropical fruits

Lady Emmersham "
Only consider Lady Emmersham. Ten years barren as Mistress Farraday, but when she married Emmersham, a babe within the year."" ASC

MRs Benham run off with her footman. Benham a brute. ASC