Lord Cynric Gawain Edward Malloren (Cyn)

1763 becomes Viscount Raymore

b 1737 twin of Lady Elf
Father 2nd Marquess of Rothgar
Mother Gabrielle de Maure

Delicate bones, russet hair, green-gold eyes, lush lashes. Resembles his mother.
Scar across chest.

1755 joined army, veteran of Quebec 1754, Louisburg 1758,
1763 Captain in the 48th

Married, 1762 Lady Chastity Ware
Created Lord Raymore for saving king's life.
June 1762, left for new post in Nova Scotia
August 1765, returned to England bringing confidential dispatches.

10th January, 1763 John Malloren

Valet Jerome

Hero of My Lady Notorious
At opening of My Lady Notorious he wears a sapphire ring and a pearl and diamond pin. The latter has sentimenta value.

Plays part in Seduction in Silk