Lord Bryght Malloren (hero of Tempting Fortune)

b 1731

Tall, dark, and handsome. Hazel eyes that can show green or gold flecks according to the light. Deep voice, earring, ring.

Was a gambler. Turned to investments. Invests heavily in the Duke of Bridgwater's canals.

Country house, Candleford Park, Hampshire, 4 miles west of Winchester

m 1761 Portia St Claire, aged 25
12th August 1762 Francis Malloren
26th June, 1764, Gabrielle Malloren -- dark hair.

In Tempting Fortune he's wooing the widowed Mistress Findlayson (Jenny) for her money. "Has all the makings of a shrew."
Nerissa Trelyn was his mistress.

Major Cranton Barclay, "laconic ex-officer who wore a hook where his right hand had been"
Francis Edgerton, Duke of Bridgwater
Andover. (A loose-limbed blond of easy-going temperament.)

Zeno, Persian Gazelle Hound. Spends some time with Boudicca at Rothgar Abbey.