This page was for a version of Seduction in Silk which didn't work out. I've left it out of interest.

I suspect the Tarrantyres will be back!

3rd earl of Tarrantyre

Rake Tarrantyre thin. Percival Sylvester d 1765
Old friend, Henry Mallow. Promise to Dorrie 1730
4 dead sons, one dead daughter Beatrice (dead when Court was 10) His mother died a year later
3 dead wives
1. Court's mother, Louisa Forbes, heiress. 1730. dies when he's 11, 1750
Percival, crib death 1731; Marcus, 2 fever 1732-1735; Percival, 3 fell off a balcony 1734-1737; Beatrice b 1737, d 1749; Theophilus b 1739. No more pregnancies, so Court is over protected.
2.m Amalia Shaw-Cobham 1752 d 1754 Barren, died of smallpox
3. Prudentia Helmcock m 1754 d 1760 Three still births then suicide.
4. Prissy m 1762 (Theophilus Samuel -- Sammy b 1763) Round faced, sturdy, solid. Stock's Farm

Heir is Court, Viscount Acourt.