Year 1763

Calendar for this year.

Events in the novels

(Johanne Christian Bach's (son of the great Bach) opera Orion is performed at the King's Theatre, Haymarket. Bach and Orion are a small part of Devilish.)
Cyn and Chastity's baby, John, born in Nova Scotia
Rosa's baby is born in Secrets of the Night.
Brand and Rosa marry. Rothgar and Diana meet again in Devilish
Rothgar and Diana marry. End of Devilish
25th Elf's baby, John, is born during Winter Fire
Genova Smith and Ashart's story in Winter Fire
Hint that Portia is pregnant.
Damaris Myddleton and FitzRoger meet in Winter Fire, story continues in A Most Unsuitable Man

Major real world events of all kinds

February 18th. Peace of Paris signed to end the Seven Years War, or French and Indian War

Other Events


March, proposed cider tax uncreases Bute's unpopularity.
April Bute resigned as 1st Lord of the Treasury
April 16th Succeeded by George Grenville.
April 23rd North Briton #45
April 30th Wilkes in Tower under General Warrant.
May 6th, ruled that it breaks Parliamentary privilege.
October, everyone at Newmarket, but rush back to Town because of Wilkes-caused crisis.
November, Parliament reopens.
Nov 23 Commons remove Wilkes's Parl. Priv, mainly for his obscene poem, An Essay on Women.
Dec. Wilkes flees to France. (The Wilkes affair and General Warrants ripple on for years.)
Francis Dashwood became Chancellor of the Exchequer
19th April, End of Parliamentary session


Johanne Christian Bach's (son of the great Bach) opera Orion is performed at the King's Theatre, Haymarket.
Became music master to Queen Charlotte
Bach and Orion are a small part of Devilish.



May 16th, James Boswell meets Samuel Johnson.
Almack's founded as a social venue in cometition to Madam Cornelys's assembly rooms in Soho. This is not the same thing as the exclusive Almack's Assemblies of the next century.


January, much flooding after great frost
4th April Lord Mayor's Feast
April Palais Royal in Paris burned down
May 6th Lady Molesworth and family perished in fire because she kept the key to the street door on her person.
May 12th Aldermen of London harrassed because of the unpopular Peace of Paris
May 18th Procession to celebrate Peace.