Year 1761

See calendar for 1761

Events in the novels

My Lady Notorious begins in November.
Tempting Fortune begins in November.
Cyn and Chastity marry in early December
Bryght and Portia meet again in London as Tempting Fortune continues.

Major real world events of all kinds

September 8th, George III marries Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
September 22nd, both crowned.

Other Events


March 25th, Bute made a Secretary of State
October 5th Pitt resigns as a Secretary of State





February 8 – An earthquake in London breaks chimneys in Limehouse and Poplar.

March 8 – A second earthquake occurs in North London, Hampstead and Highgate.

June 6 – A transit of Venus observed from 120 locations around the Earth.